What I’ve learned during quarantine! And New Video!

Hey my lovelies!!!

I hope you guys are very well, staying at home and looking after yourself and loved one during this pandemic!


During this quarantine made me realise a lot we take for granted and we don’t even realise it. Everyday should be fulfilled and lived like it’s our last. With everything that is going on in the news and people’s lives been cut short is a big eye opener!

Live life to the fullest, if there is something that you always wanted to do but to scared to, just do it and don’t hold back focus on what you are passionate about and what makes you happy in life (and this can be anything) .

I’ve used this time to focus on my YouTube channel as it’s just one of the things that I’ve always wanted to do!

I’d love it if you guys check out my latest video and tell me what you think!!


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Also I would love to hear from you guys what you been up to during the quarantine in the comments below!

Again guys, stay safe and stay at home!


My Sunday Morning Skincare Routine!! (VEGAN EDITION).

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Hey Guys,

I hope you are all well.

Today Im going to share with you the products I use for my skin care weekend routine. Life can be really hectic during the week as I have work, gym, cooking, catching up with friends, and My business that I take care of during the week. It can be really hard for me sometimes to do a proper skin care routine during the week. That is why in the weekend I dedicate my morning to do an intense skincare pamper, especially during the winter when skin needs more TLC this is very important.

  1. The first step, depending on how I’m feeling, and how my skin is feeling i use either the Deep hydration Mask or Face lift: Skin Brightening and tightening mask. Both of them are very good tend to use the deep hydration mask when face is very dry.


2. Once that is on, i tend to catch up with my chores while that is doing its magic to my face. I leave it in for roughly 30 mins.

3. Once wash it off using Tropic Face (ever so soft) Bamboo face cloth, I go ahead and moisturise my face using our skin Feast nourishing cream from concentrate which contains anti oxidant rich Australian Kakadu plum to brighten and Berry seeds to intensely nourish.

These simple but effective steps is what i need for my face to leave it silky smooth for the week. My face goes through a lot during the week from make up to sweating at the gym, it is very important to take the time and to intensely do a healthy skincare routine.

For my Body I use Tropic founding product Body smooth!!


Now this product is so AMAZING ON YOUR SKIN! which is a beautiful body exfoliator for the skin that leaves it super soft and smooth! it contains mineral sea salts to remove dead skin cells and to polish skin. Golden Jojoba and Macadamia oils to deeply hydrate! And lemon and lime. Not only does it feel amazing it smells amazing too.

One thing I love about the products listed is that al products are made fresh in our factory and FREE FROM ALL CHEMICALS! Free from :


What you put in your skin shouldn’t be a mystery 🙂


Hope you enjoyed my brief weekend routine!

I would love to get feedback from you guys, if you would like to see a video of me doing my skincare routine, please let me know ! I would love to do one 🙂

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Food For your Skin!

Tropic Super Greens!!


Everyone stresses how important it is to eat your vegetables and have your five a day right? and the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables is very important in our day to lives.

But no one really stresses about how important that being healthy is just as important externally and I’m going to tell you why !! Our skin is the biggest organ of our body and it very important that we are aware of what we put on it and looking after it.

Tropic Super greens is a shot of healthy greens that boost the skins natural defences and nutrient levels. The Super greens include Maca root extracts and kale to deliver nutrients to the layers of your skin. It has other amazing ingredients such as Marula and broccoli seed oil and tamanu oils for skin repair.

This is amazing for people who suffers from Eczema, Psioriasis, Dermatitis and more because it contains ingredients that can naturally repair the skin without putting harsh chemicals on your skin. In fact NO CHEMICALS !!

I personally love this product because it helps repair my skin as i offer from eczema but if you are like me who wear make up often it is very good to look after the skin afterwards using natural products that will definitly benefit you.

This is definitely one of the BEST SELLERS!!

With amazing Results and this is just one of them:


Hope you like my blog post!!

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Outfit of the Night!

Hey my lovelies!

Wanted to show you my date night outfit of the night! This is my favourite winter look for a date night or girls night! I kept warm during the winter night out but still able to be stylish!

This look included my two fave colours to wear black and beige! You can also dress it up with accessories.

To keep me comfortable during the night walking through Soho and oxford street i wore comfortable block heel knee high boots that also look sexy and kept me warm.

To complete this outfit I paired it up with my DKNY wallet bag with a gold chain to match the gold jewellery worn as well.

This outfit was one of best outfits, best way to start 2020!

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Would love to hear what you think of the outfit in the comments section!

Make Up Routine (Vegan Edition)


Happy New Year my lovelies!

Hope you are well? And had a lovely Christmas and New Years !

This year I have so much exciting content with everything I love which is health, lifestyle and fashion.

I can not wait to share ! Watch this space !

Today I wanted to share with you my make up routine (vegan edition ) ! As some people are aware I’m not vegan but I am a good skinca https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E5q6UGgpAU&feature=share re junkie ! Even though I do wear make up everyday (not just vegan ) I believe there should be a balance with what we put on our faces everyday, and I do like to put products that are not harsh on my skin and still look great for my day to say activities.

I hope you like the video! Would love to know your thoughts x

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Have a good week guys

Vegan Make UP Routine

Hey guys,

Long time I hope you all are well.

You know how I love expressing how taking care of your skin is very important, and I love skincare and make up! I have put together a short video of my everyday vegan make up routine with all the products I’ve used.

Like I mentioned before I love wearing make up everyday but I also love the fact that I can wear make up that I know will be harmless to my sensitive skin and still do the job.

Also in this video I am using my favourite palette I talked about in one of my recent post .

On my next video il be talking about each product in details and the benefits I love about it.

Il love for you to

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The M Word – Vegan Make UP Routine

Introducing my YouTube Channel!!!

img_1192Hey friends!

I finally did it, built up the courage to share my passion on another platform!

Il love to interact with you guys here and I’ve decided to extend it on YouTube Aswell. This has been my next goal to share what I love on YouTube aswell as my blog. I hope to also see you guys on the other side 🙂

Il also love to know what you guys would like to watch, what will you guys be interested in? il love to know and deliver 😁

My YouTube channel will contain: Make up tutorials and Reviews, hair tutorials, Vlogs, and challenges, and many more.

Let me know if there is any more you will like me to do! I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback, please comment below.

Here a sneak peak of my introductory video: (click the link below)


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Thanks so much guys,

I’m soo excited for this next chapter 🤪.

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Vegan Make up Palette (2 MONTH REVIEW)!!

img_3662Hey Friends!!

Im Back with something different!! Its my review of trying the Palette everyday for 2 months back to back!

For the people who don’t know I’ve suffered Eczema on my face, and this has started when I was very young (maybe about the age of 1) I have been using steroid cream which was never good because it would weaken the skin, but I would flare up because of the weather and stress, etc. The tropic skincare really helped my skin heal properly! but il leave this story for another blog/ or maybe a vid.

My skin would also flare up with certain make up I would use because of the ingredients and chemicals that was used in the product over the years. But I decided to change my life completely( health, fitness, skincare and diet) and all these factors has helped me build my confidence that I have today.

img_3663  I literally love the whole make up collection, but This Palette is Amazing!! So much benefits in just one little palette. Firstly is so convenient, it fits in all my bags, even the small bags that I like to carry during summer time. I used to carry a make up which could either not fit in my bag or take up too much room that I couldn’t carry much things. This item is customised to what I use and it includes: Rose Gold highlighter, bronzer, blush, and 2 eye shadows. You have more or different make up in there depending on your preference, Remember its customised to Fit YOU!

This is my everyday make up and top up in one item, I use this and carry this everywhere, and doesn’t take that much space. This product also saves me time! I don’t have to worry about make up taking so much time before I go to work because the make up mostly in one palette I don’t have to look everywhere for the items I use because its all in one product.

The long mirror is also so convieninet because I CAN see my whole Face so it makes it so easy to top up without having to go the ladies room for a full mirror which is to always near you depending where you are!

img_3664 The make up is long wear, to be honest I hardly top up, I  only top if I end up going to an event after work, then il top up on bronzer and highlighter most of the time and I’m good to go.

This product is everything but i couldn’t express how confident I feel knowing that this product doesn’t irritate my skin as there is no chemicals what so ever, and gives me that healthy glow.

Hope you guys liked my review!

Let me know if a make up routine video would be something you will like to see :).

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Wedding Vibes!!!

Hey guys!!

Its been so long //; i know, Hope your all doing well?

Todays blog is based on my amazing Asos dress that I wore to friends wedding which I love so so so much!

Its a baby pink floral dress which i thought will be perfect vibe for a Spring/Summer wedding. I also love the floral print and the different colours that I can also use for accessories so I was defiinetly not limited! The dress was size 12 but a perfect fit and perfect length considering Im quite tall. I was very pleased with stretchy material and the fact that it hugs and enhances all curves and make you look amazing!!

I did keep the accessories to a minimum just because the dress is quite loud so it speaks for itself, didn’t want to make it over powering!! I just paired it with Rose Gold Peep toe heels from New Look , and a army green clutch bag from Zara (chose army green t go with the floral print and to also break it down!

Make up and hair!

For make up I kept it quite simple just because it was a busy but beautiful dress i just went in for more warm colours and a brown/ bold lip! if you would like to see a make up tutorial or blog post explaining the products I use please comment below 🙂

For hair it was just my 20 inch extensions and I kept it straight as I didn’t have time, i would of love to do a pin up look or loose curls that will go well with the outfit.

So guys this is the finished look!

img_3003 img_3037

I love the dress and the look! what do you guys think?

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New Make Up ! yay!!

Hi guys!!

Its been a long time since i did a post, i hope you are all well!!

I have been pretty busy and over the moon last couple of weeks with the new launch of TropicSkin care new makeup that is good for your skin and environment !! WINNING!!

Its so nice that there was an event for the launch of the new make up range and I couldn’t wait to get dolled up !! I wore my dress that I’ve been waiting for an excuse to wear and it was perfect to wear a a beautiful dress and show off hehe!

img_2803I was so excited to dress up and look cute but more excited for the new products! how cool is it that make up you wear will benefit your skin?

Tropic has launched so many products for make up from new and improved make up brushes as well as a new compact method to have all your make up in just one palette! Not only that but you can choose what colours and products you want in your palette, (ps which I’m struggling to choose as I love all the colours)!

In your palette you can have : concealer, contour, eyeshadow, blush, setting powder, and more and so easy for girls on the go not only that but if you like to party, you can carry all of that with you and won’t take no room at all!!

img_2873 I love the fact that this products can fit our busy lifestyle and if your like me that carry a huge make up bag, you don’t have to anymore as this product will have everything you need!

img_2874              You can choose your own colours that fits your everyday make up look and you can buy more colours and also put it the pallette if you want to change the colour and your look!

I can not wait to do a sit down make up tutorial with you guys to show you how good it is, and how it works! Follow my instagram pages as well as i will be doing instagram live to show you as well!


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