Deep Hydration 

Soothing cooling mask

My story!

This product is the product that my skin first love when it comes to Tropic products. I suffer from eczema, psioriasis, and very dry skin. me having really dry skin especially in my face was really annoying because i love beauty and make up but putting make up when my skin was breaking out was not the best.

I have SUPER sensitive skin, even i have to be careful with product that i will by from the drugstore because i did not know what i was going to react to as these drugstore products has so many ingredients and chemicals to preserve the product that it is really bad for your skin.

Tropic Skin care changed my life!!!

Hydration mask:

Tropic products (all products) have no chemicals in their products and very healthy for the skin, giving your skin the food that it needs to stay healthy!!

The hydration mask is  creamy Gel mask used to soothe and hydrate irrupted and dry skin. It is formulated with Australian robberies, muntries, and pepper berries!! It has a resurrection flower extract that deeply hydrates and restores vitality.

This product is perfect for Dry Skin and the winter as skin tend to get more dry during the winter.

Once ordered it is fresh made in our local factory then shipped, meaning that all products is made fresh so you don’t have to worry about chemicals but just enjoy the product freshly made with LoVe !!

This product is £20.00

(Email for more enquiries).



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